The Dropper 2 Map

Mon Nov 14. 2022

The Dropper 2 Map

Are you a DAREDEVIL ? You've come to a right place with a thousand of crazy challenges, but if you don't, you should try this map one time and maybe, you could addicted to this map !!!

The Dropper 2 Map is a custom map made for Minecraft 1.8 . We call this one is an unique map because it can switch into XBOX, PC or mobile versions easily. Players could play the same whether using a PC or a mobile because the map contains no creepers and other evil villains, no complex blocks, threatening cave or difficult-to-navigate paths.

BEWAREEEE !! You'll fly a lot in this map. The goal of Dropper 2 Map is to live through an unbelievable fall without dying when hitting the ground below. Seems like it's very difficult to survive but you should use these skills such as : Jumping onto hanging vines, falling into water, …

There are multiple levels of challenges in this map, it becomes harder and harder, make any one of those falls become a nightmare.

The map is pretty simple so don't worry about using an old computer, there are no problems with any lag.

This map could provides you some useful skills and teachs you learn how to better control your character during a fall in Survival mode.