SkyBlock Map

Mon Nov 21. 2022

SkyBlock Map

Do you looking for one of the most favourite Minecraft map of all time ? SkyBlock is what you're looking for!! The concept behind the map is very simple: you spawn on a floating island and must survive and complete challenges with the resources available to you.

SkyBlock has come back to stage, with a new version of 3 sky blocks, your original sky block, a sky block in the nether and a desert sky block. There is about 49 challenges for you in this map such as Build a house, Make a wheat farm or craft a furnace,…

Of course, you can use the original map, but if you want to play something harder, you should try the hardcore version for more of a challenge. SkyBlock map is the pioneer of floating island map, a lot of versions later based on this map.

But remember, do not purposely jump off the island for health regeneration, and you should play with a minimum level of Easy.