Post apocalypse Minecraft project

Sat Dec 17. 2022

Post apocalypse Minecraft project

So I have just started this post- zombie apocalypse map project thingy. Zombies are still cool, right?

Originally I tried something similar many many years ago, but lost interest in it after the save went weird. (my own fault, launched in wrong version.)

But seeing how Mojang still keeps updating the game, and how much cool stuff they have added along the years, I got the motivation to start again. I don't know if something like PlanetMinecraft would be a better place to post this to. But I posted here in reddit page anyway, from here I can steal ideas get inspiration for building stuff.

Maps got a little progress, not much, but its going forward slowly. Too early to post pics. I'm planning to make it pretty big, starting from city and then expanding to the surrounding areas. And yes, I did remember to add depth to the superflat map (not repeating that mistake again). So yea, if I get good progress I will probably post a pic someday. Don't know if it ever get ready, and how much people are interested in such stuff.

Optimally the map would be played with a mod that spawns only zombies / zombie themed mob texture pack. And undead burning in daylight disabled, hope that is possible.

So basically fun project (at least for me) that will progress slowly but steadily.

Got one question: back when I first started such project I had a tool that made me able to look at terrain and kind of ” mold ” it. Make hills, “melt” etc. I have worldedit (thank god it still exists right now aswell, wouldn't be doing this without it. But I cant remember was the molding thing a different plugin?

If anyone has any idea please let me know.