Ant Farm Survival Map

Sun Jan 22. 2023

Ant Farm Survival Map

Ant Farm Survival Map contains a ton of objectives wait you to find out. In this impressive map, there are thousand of dangers, not only slippery and threatening terrain, but also mob spawners everywhere always want to bite you.

This map is pretty hard for those who are the beginner to Minecraft, because Ant Farm Survival Map is a great way to test survival skills in Minecraft World!

New innovation of this map is that it allows you to complete missions in the mainland as well as the Nether. Player can use the opaque walls in the make to play the lower you go down inside – made of re-textured bedrock, it's pretty difficult because it gets increasingly darker.

The is one problem, you must craft your own charcoal because coral ore are unable. There are some challenges in this map such as: Making a bow, glass or bucket, Finding water source,Make TNT,… and there are still more challenges for you in the Nether like Get gold nuggets, Find the Nether Fortress,…

The map include hidden ores, detailed rooms,… keep you busy during your challenges all the way.