Minecraft is a very well-made game that includes many functions for educational use and has even been used in real-life construction projects. But I say there is still plenty of room within the game for innovation for example by introducing much more advanced AI. We could even train this AI to accomplish much more complex activities. One of this activities would be to make them learn how to survive by their own within the game without player intervention. There are many questions involving this including:

  • can they form tribal like groups or will everyone go their own way? Will the AI develop a system of communication
  • to share information to the others, how long would it take for them to learn how to survive effectively?
  • will they behave as humans or have irregular unpredictable behavior? we will never find out if we don’t try this. We need to push a project to fund such experiment that will advance the study and improvement of artificial intelligence in a virtual 3-dimensional environment.
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